Our small team is exceptionally talented, purpose-driven, and dedicated.

That word — ‘small’ — used to feel like something to hide. But our size actually makes what we do even more impressive. It makes us agile and responsive to the changing needs of any project. It also means you’ll get to work with familiar faces — and we’ll get to know you, and your brand, so we can deliver solutions made-to-measure.

We also strive for your 100% satisfaction by going that extra mile to ensure things are exactly right by you. We do this because we believe in building long-term relationships with our Clients and not just simply selling them product.

Our business philosophy is simple – Focus on human values and personal relationships. We take the time to know you, ensure concise communication, transparency and that our relationships are based on an honest work ethic, which forms an integral part of our company culture.

Michael Negrete, Founder & Creative Director

Why we're different.

Size and growth are not essential goals. We're not trying to grow for growth's sake.

We're in this for the duration and success of our Clients. This means we're selective about the projects we take on and the Clients we partner with. This allows us to sharply focus our efforts and resources towards achieving our Client's goals.


Terry and Michael founded Web DNA as a natural extension of their symbiotic skill sets acquired from over 2 decades of creative marketing and web development experience. Accomplished in their own spheres, Terry and Michael bring just the right combination of knowledge, expertise, fresh thinking and ownership to every project, with the client’s goals and best interest in mind at all times.

Picture of Michael Negrete

Michael Negrete


ICYDK: Michael is also a Military Veteran having served in the U.S Marine Corps and Coast Guard during the Persian Gulf and Cold War.

Picture of Terry Demers

Terry Demers


ICYDK: Terry has functioned in every aspect of software development from specifications, programming, sales, training, and management.


Client and audience satisfaction increases as a result of successful graphic designs. Your target audience will leave if the designs are poor. On the other hand, an engaging design keeps your audience interested. Additionally, it raises your investment return (ROI). Because of this, it’s critical to ensure your graphic designs are high quality, thoughtful and meaningful.

No. We pride ourselves on the ability to deeply examine and work with industries both familiar and unfamiliar, always applying a fresh and objective perspective to each of our Clients’ needs and target audiences. To this end, we’ve successfully completed projects ranging from law firms to schools to medical services.

Pricing is completely dependent on each Client’s unique project and its complexity. We set our fees in a way that is attainable for most everybody to which we offer 3 major engagement models: scope-based, retainer-based, and hourly-based.

Timelines are dependent on the complexity of your project, its goals, and the vision of your company. That said, we can turn around quick projects in a matter of days, or engage in longer multi-month projects which entail multiple steps and deliverables.

Not necessarily! Although based in New Hampshire, we have Clients all across the country who we’ve never met in-person, but have engaged with multiple times to complete thier projects. If local to NH, we can certainly meet in-person and work through ideas when necessary, but it's just as quick and convenient for us to flexibly collaborate via email, phone, and Zoom.

Yes, we’d be glad to introduce you to previous Clients who would be happy to share their experiences working with us. You can also read some Client testimonials here.

We typically do not share “before” work, so as to not disparage our Clients, but be glad to discuss and share a limited set of examples that demonstrate our capabilities.

It's not who YOU think your competitors are, it's who your CUSTOMERS think your competitors are.

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